Sunday, March 15, 2015

Anime Girl with Mask

Unfinished, just for fun.  I go on a drawing spree everytime I buy myself shine-y new felt tip pens.  This one didn't make it into my portfolio for the Game Developers Conference this year.

I generally don't like to label my work anime, since I feel it brands me as the nerdy, computer bound, reclusive type.  And that's just to close to home to be comfortable...

Friday, March 13, 2015

"Guardian" Inked!

Working the Sakura Microns and the Pentel brush pens for some comicbook style inking!  


The inspiration for this came from reading about middle-eastern religious beliefs surrounding the "spirits" associated with corpses and human bones.  It stood out to me that a "four-eyed" dog had protective powers in regards to these spirits (this is the type of anthropological factoid that somehow sticks in my head indelibly).

In my head I saw a dog with four literal eyes, and I'm unsure why i took the more realistic approach.  I've vowed to next draw something truly strange to make up for dropping the ball at an obvious weirdness opportunity.